Rolling Dawn

by Heavenly Blues

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Released as a vinyl LP and digital download. The band cut all the tracks in the span of one Autumn day on half-inch tape in a condemned house in Stockholm, Sweden owned by the community. The band recorded all of the songs live, made no overdubs, and took only first and second takes.


released January 28, 2010

Erik Kristiansen–pedal steel, Kristian Berndt Ek–guitar, Frank Nelson–percussion, Hank Eriksson–bass, Kristine Johanna Stevens Wreyford–voices & Nicholas John Stevens–guitar & voices, Stefan Jechanowski–harmonies on "Hide Yr Eyes"



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Heavenly Blues Brooklyn, New York

The morning I poured out the bottle.

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Track Name: Rolling Dawn
I’ll fly on the rollin dawn in the company of a heartache song. If you want to see me layin’ low, Then serve me a memory I don’t own

The sun’s rays swept long across the floor that we waltzed, And we danced all night despite love’s common faults

I’ll float neath the harvest moon only dreaming no more skies of blue. Cause mercy come find me down the well, This night in Heaven is lookin black as Hell

My boots still on, whiskey gone, and sour breath
the love we made burned up the time we had for rest

Storm clouds never liked the morning sun, But as the day grows thin they come along, They’ll lie me deep below the ground, And the stone where my name reads can’t be found

Those eyes were lookin a shade too old to be mine
But memory faded faster at the age of twenty-nine
Track Name: The Wine Got Me Thinking
Tonight the wine got me thinking, About all those old memories, I’d spend 100 bucks if only to win a dime, and how you loved that side of me

Tonight the wine got me thinkin, I didn’t have enough to put me away, and like a devil on parade in my own head, I used those old thoughts to burn me to shame

He walked down to his corner drugstore, With fallen angels dancing circles in the street, Cause if he can’t catch a wink from the NyQuil, They’ll fix him up with something else cheap

Tonight the wine got me walking, I walked circles wearin holes in the floor, I left my wheels and I kept right on walking, on down the highway a million miles from your door
Track Name: The Sky Going Down
If I had a bottle and a five dollar bill I'd ride a bus and we’d get high, Speed up Lamar to RL Thornton to somewhere far till the sun paints a picture of the sky goin down

Cross on out the Dallas County line, In east Texas we’ll fill her up, buy a box of wine, and a fifth of whiskey to help me drive my misery, till the shadows of the buildings draw our faces to the ground

So if you miss someone you can call collect home
And if you need some liquor I’ll get us a loan
And if love’s a leavin then tell em I’m gone
as the sun paints a picture of the sky goin down

If we keep a-rollin hard and fast, And the diamonds in the night sky don’t fool our eyes,We’ll fly this Oldsmobile straight thru Texas so shed no tears, till the moonlight’s as blinding as the suns morning rays
Track Name: Rock and Roll
Loretta found me standin in a Palmer bar, She’s chasin whiskey with a glass half empty, We knew better than to fall in love, but the loving kind never learn much from memory

We stayed out all night pullin overtime, With her talk and my shuffle pretendin to be blind, And slipping now and then tryin to walk the line, She’d play her fiddle drunk while I sang harmony

Since the old days we’d hung this guitar on the wall
The melodies we made so sweet, all the words a lover needs. The stories we once sang with life long since left my soul to rock and roll the blues to sleep

She’s gone to a place where feelings are felt, at night I’ll go out but she’s somewhere else, Hearing steel guitar makes her wanna cry, and I can’t see a thing through my bloodshot eyes

Don’t ask about my pains cause I can’t feel, A heart full of aching when I ride Heaven’s heels, Play another slow number, pick the blues away, And I’ll sing all the words that I’d never say
Track Name: Hide Yr Eyes
Hide yr eyes, hide yr eyes, Why they put me to shame, If you’re here for entertainment – love in vain.

I’m done hearing all the song,Sounds are echoes that fade so slow, I won’t say I’ll always love you cause you know.

Hide yr eyes, hide yr eyes, Like meadows wide – green so plain, Lay me down beneath the heavens and the rain.

Hide yr eyes, hide yr eyes, Close em down and hide your mind, Find a new your heart inside to love again.
Track Name: Send Me Flowers
In a dream I’m on Hickory, And I’m standin next to my sweet Annelie, But my fever ain’t breakin, And I’m seeing strange things in the trees

Dire wolf don’t take me tonight, Martyr me first mornin light, That when I’ll see Annelie, You know she is the love of my life

I’ve stumbled through mountains, And I swam the Trinity, I’m bringing white daisies, Don’t believe what you seen on tv.

Don’t let me die tonight, You know that it wouldn’t be right. Don’t let me die tonight, Lord wait ‘til the first morning light.

The Devil beat me in Bastrop, She wore sevens on her sleeve, So lay them aces upon my grave, If you find where they put my away.

Green-eyed lady, Without you Heaven ain’t home. Lend me a bottle for the road, Cause tomorrow I’m heading below.

I shot a man down, For doubtin your chastity. I’ll be bearin white lilies, If my price for fare be free.
Track Name: Blue
It’s all down hill from here on out now, So she’ll enjoy some victimless crime, When you see her stumble there’s nothin’ wrong, She’s just havin’ a good time all the time

It’s all down hill from here on out now, She won’t complain about the government, Just try a cup of her cocaine coffee, And on the dollar she’ll get you 10¢

Spend your night with Blue, She may be old but she’s still desirable, Spend your night with Blue, She may be old but she’s still beautiful

It’s all down hill from here on out now, But she won’t stop from punchin’ the clock, Look into her eyes when she takes a bow, Cause she blooms like a lonely four o’clock
Track Name: Dandelion Wine
Gimme a bottle of yr strongest wine, I’ll stare straight at a burnin sun, Rays wash out the colored skies, Make me blind just because, I can’t see 'til you take my eyes

Put me on an greyhound bus, Kick me off when the moon gets full, My old amigo’s got some land out here, But nowhere’s just one more somewhere, I can’t work 'til you take my hands

Take me down to Palmer town, Bust me up & break my neck, Clean me up with alcohol, Drain my blood leave me in bed, I can’t breath 'til you take my lungs

Heaven tends to bring me down, but Momma don’t you shed a tear, the wine is gonna keep me free, and clear so pass the bottle here, I can’t fly 'til you take my wings
Track Name: Heavenly Blues
I haven’t seen the girl I once loved, Since she’s been going with another guy, And those lips that I kissed so deeply, have been around spreading her lies.

Her eyes were the blue of stormy seas, and I knew she was hiding from me, The pains of her past couldn’t be put to rest, Now I’m left with another memory.

Heavenly blues – the skies are falling, but I won’t show my face in tears. Heavenly blues – the skies are falling, and I’m not welcome around here anymore.

I packed up my things for the last time, What wouldn’t fit in my bags I put away, That’s when I saw our old King James Bible, It was still bookmarked with that picture of her and me.
Track Name: Jesus is on the Mainline
Jesus is on that mainline, Tell him what you want, You gotta call him up and tell him what you want

If you’re sick and you want to get well, Tell him what you want, You gotta call him up and tell him what you want

Jesus is on that mainline, Tell him what you want, You gotta call him up and tell him what you want